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Subject: The ACT Open Source Bill has passed!
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 05:42
From: "Johnstone, Andy" <DESPAMMED>

The first domino has fallen.

Last night the ACT Legislative Assembly passed the Democrats' Open
Source Bill.

Congratulations to Roslyn Dundas and her team.

As soon as I have a copy of the Bill in its final form online somewhere,
I will distribute a link.

This is an important first step for us.

The Australian Capital Territory is a special case, being the seat of
government, with a highly educated population, but this means that we
have another good test case to be used to demonstrate the benefits of
open source around the country.


Andy Johnstone
Media Liaison / Research

The Hon. Ian Gilfillan MLC
Australian Democrats
Parliament House
Adelaide SA 5000

Telephone: (08) 8237 9111
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Cheers; Leon

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