[clug] Recommendations for a DSL link

Daniel McNamara daniel at codefish.net.au
Tue Dec 9 10:01:00 GMT 2003

I know it's off topic for this list and it's been asked a few times but 
I've got some specific needs for a DSL link and I was hoping someone 
here could point me in a good direction.


A DSL link of at least 512/128 (would prefer 512/512)
Usage of around 6Gb/month (unlimited would be nice but not required)
Ability to run servers
No shaping or "peak times" weirdness
Now the tough one. A static /29 assignment

Why I'm after this:

I run a network of machines to run a website and various other services 
to help support students doing courses at CIT. I do part time teaching 
at CIT (mainly for the Linux based courses) and set up website to 
provide extra resources for students and also to try and demonstrate 
what we teach so they can see what we're talking about is actually relevant.

The website has grown and changed quite a lot since it's inception and 
I've started adding extra services such as webmail and I'm planning to 
bring in a whole bunch more such as instant messenging via a public 
Jabber server. The entire network is powered by open source products 
sitting on some fairly robust second hand machines (eBay is my friend..)

Other things:

I've got a budget of approx. $150/month set aside for bandwidth costs. 
Of course cheaper would be better.

Link I currently have is unfortunately not part of the fast churn 
process (long story involving a certain monopolistic communications 
company) so when/if I do move this link across it means the oh so fun 
process of terminating my current link and getting the new one 
activated. Prefer to avoid as much down time as possible but I know the 
wonderful world of DSL provision can have it's hiccups. At least I know 
the line is able to get DSL.

I would prefer to deal with a local ACT company and am willing to 
entertain some form of low level of advertising on the site if need be 
to secure a decent deal (be aware the website doesn't exactly get 
flooded with visitors however).

Oh and due to location of servers (my flat) Transact is sadly not an option.

Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.



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