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Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Mon Dec 8 07:00:03 GMT 2003

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Is there interest (for 2004) for a splinter group of CLUG (or perhaps another 
group - AUUG maybe) to have a programmers SIG.

I'm thinking of ripping off the famous CLUG formula, viz:
- - no membership fees
- - no committee
- - plenty of pizza.

The idea would be to have a longer presentation (up to 2 hours, max) in more 
of a tutorial format. I'd like to see a range of levels, from some reasonably 
basic material through to some reasonably advanced material, but that 
obviously depends on what people would be willing to present.

At least basic C programming ability would be assumed.

My idea of a basic tutorial is something like:

Intermediate would be just about anything using standard C. Say a tutorial on 
using various networking or graphics primatives / libraries. A language 
tutorial on a language derived from C might also be intermediate. I think 
most of the tutes should be at the intermediate level.

Advanced might be use of a non-standard language, and non-standard libraries 
(because you have to learn the language as you go to keep up with the tute).

I'd particularly like to see stuff about doing plugins for various projects 
(eg using an application server behind Apache); desktop kits, networking, 
graphics, or use of non-Posix kernel features.

If there is some interest in people attending, we'd obviously need to find a 
venue, a regular time,  and some speakers. Maybe Room 101 can be made 
available, although I haven't approached the ANU yet.  

Any volunteers to provide a tutorial?


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