christmas bbq (was Re: [clug] Shameless self promotion)

Michael Still mikal at
Mon Dec 8 04:57:45 GMT 2003

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Steven Hanley wrote:

> Of course we can do that and also have the christmas bbq. Stephen Rothwell
> has hosted it in the past and his place at the time was on the closer side
> of Tuggeranong, so in theory Gordon may be alright.

Gordon is the far side of Tuggeranong, well past Bunnings... (It's a 30 
minute drive from ANU)

> So who likes the idea of christmas bbq and post LCA bbq?


> So far Michael has said he can host the christmas bbq, and Tridge opted to
> host the post LCA bbq.

But Mikal is worried about how far out he lives.



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