[clug] RE: .bin

Cody miller websadmin at menslink.org.au
Fri Dec 5 23:28:59 GMT 2003

The Half Life Dedicated Server (hlds) comes as a .bin file also I just its
not the best way but its easy '  chmod 0777 hlds.bin ' then run it '
./hlds.bin '

That always works for me

Haven't done any java stuffs before so it may be different

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>That same friend (I do have more) ... got a download for a Java engine in
>'rpm.bin' format.  What program does he use for extracting the bin format??
>Why do they use these difficult/unusual file combinations??  I guess it
>a little on the download!
>Irena and Richard Jenkins          VK1NDV & VK1RJ
>Canberra,  AUSTRALIA

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