[clug] Router / firewall recommendations?

Michael Carden michaelc at panasonic.com.au
Thu Dec 4 22:47:08 GMT 2003

> I guess I'm looking for a firewall that does:
> dynamic DNS client support
> port forwarding
> and supports multiple interior networks (DMZ, wireless, secure)
> I'd definitely like something with a semi-graphical (HTML, X, even curses)
> configuration interface.
> IPSEC would be nice.

SmoothWall has all of the above, with the exception of a separate wireless
network. It has a trusted network and a DMZ network. The interface is a web
GUI or you can SSH into it if you'd really like to break stuff. :-)

At least as good as the SmoothWall product itself is the community that use
and support it. The mailing list, web forums and web sites that have sprung
up around it are excellent resources for SmoothWall and for firewalling in

My Smoothie runs on a 486/133 with 20meg of ram and a 1gig hard drive. I
don't use the VPN or the web proxy, but the rest of it works a treat.
Setting it up was about as complicated as telling the BIOS to boot from the
CD, then lying back and thinking of England.

The GPL version of SmoothWall exists in two forms, version 1 (which I use)
based on IPCHAINS and version 2 based on IPTABLES. There's also a
'Corporate' edition that you can choose to spend money on if you need stuff
like multiple static IPs on the net etc.

>From what I can tell from the SmoothWall side of the fence, ipcop is a fork
from the SmoothWall project and the feeling seems to be among the SmoothWall
developers that the ipcop dudes are less stringent about making their
product totally sewn up tight. But I guess they would say that, wouldn't
they. :-)

Anyway, I do suggest that you grab a copy at http://www.smoothwall.org/ and
try it out. The only way that it could be better IMHO would be if it
explicitly offered a secure wireless option.



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