[clug] routing advice needed

Michael Manning michael at catman.homelinux.org
Wed Dec 3 09:25:10 GMT 2003

I don't understand why you would want to route a packet destined for
your VPN back out to the internet.  Most times you would not be using
internet routable IP's in your VPN subnet anyway (unless you had one
real IP that was owned by the VPN server). Wouldn't you want the packet
addressed to the VPN ( to be routed somewhere in the VPN

Are you trying to establish some sort of VPN (using GRE IP tunneling?)
that is using a real world IP?

I am may be a little confused as to the outcomes you are trying achieve.
Could you elaborate a bit?

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 20:02, Kim Holburn wrote:

> For you router guys out there I need some advice.
> I have a machine with 3 interfaces.
> eth0 -> -> -> internet
> eth1 -> ->
>                    -> -> VPN to
> eth2 -> -> internal net 
> default route is -> eth0
> if I have a packet from eth2 to the special subnet I want to it to go via a gateway on eth1 (say a VPN) but 
> if I have a packet from eth1 to I want it to go via the default route (eth0).
> I use the command:
> ip route via from
> but what I get is the same as if I ran:
> ip route via
> Anyone have an idea how to do that?


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