[clug] cdrecord problem ?

Brendan Henderson brendanh at bendigo.net.au
Tue Dec 2 23:52:55 GMT 2003

Having trouble burning cd's. Using mkisofs and cdrecord as described below

mkisofs -A "name of application id" -V "name of volume id" -J -R -v -T -x
./lost+found -o "name of iso.iso" /path/to/directory


cdrecord --dev=0,0,0 fs=12m speed=8 "name of iso.iso"

Process completes but mounting cdrom and ls provides nothing.

cdrecord -scanbus reveals :-
	    0,0,0	  0) 'SONY    ' 'CD-RW  CRX140E  ' '1.0n' Removable CD-ROM

Any help appreciated. Go easy on me. I'm a relative newbie. Got the above
info from the net ???.

Yours Kindly,

Brendan Henderson

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