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Tue Dec 2 02:44:59 GMT 2003

specifying the login details.

> I've had a dial-up connection via a V90 serial modem working OK through
> Smoothwall - apart from being unable to take down the 0.9.9SE patches through
> the TIP proxy. 

I don't think this is necesarily a proxy problem ... I had a similar problem but
found that in some versions of Smoothwall 0.9.9SE their scripts used the wrong
name for the software, which later becomes part of the url for validating the
patch list and the patch itself when you upload it. To get over this I edited
the script to use the correct software name ... can't remember which script now :o(

> From setup on the Smoothwall box I've changed Red to PPPoE with the DHCP 
> hostname set to the Smoothie's name. Is that correct? I suspect probably not

The DHCP in Smoothwall is so that you can use Smoothwall as a dhcp server for
your network. If you've done this because your ISP is using DHCP it sounds
wrong. Machines usually discover the dhcp server through packet broadcasts on a
particular interface...

> On that assumption I've also left Smoothie Red's IP address blank although

That sounds fine unless your isp is giving you a static ip.

> Under Additional PPPoE Settings both the Service and Concentrator names are 
> blank 
> suspect that something could be needed in both those fields.

I think these are for ADSL ... my config doesn't use them

> In Authentication I've got my full email address as the username in
> accordance 
> with TIP's instructions for broadbanders using Windows. Method remains PAP or
> CHAP and my TIP password is included. The Scriptname field is blank.
Sounds the same as my setup
> Under DNS, Automatic is set and Primary with Secondary again 
> blank.
I did start out using automatic config but I have since specified the actual DNS


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