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Tue Dec 2 02:44:59 GMT 2003

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 -- 8 October 2002  UCSB Students Not Allowed To Connect Windows 2000
                    or NT Machines to School Net
Students at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) may
not connect their computers to the university network if they are
running Windows 2000 or NT; many computers running those operating
systems were found to be compromised by malware.
[Editor's Note (Paller): Note the words at the second link: "Providing
a reliable, high performance network for [every] user is the entire
reason we are here. Because of that, we have to consider the overall
health of our network when dealing with vulnerable operating systems,
virus protection, and network security threats."  UCSB's approach,
where protection of the community is valued highly, is spreading
and will ultimately lead to ISPs taking responsibility for ensuring
the people they connect to the Internet do not place others at
risk. Bravo UCSB!  If you know of other organizations following (or
leading) this trend, let us know so we can share their stories, too.]
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