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Tue Dec 2 02:44:59 GMT 2003

from simply trying out a few different modules in modconf.

It was the Gigabyte GA-8IEXP 845G Chipset with Bonus IEEE1394, but same
Intel Chipset Network Adapter.

-- Neil

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Subject: Re: Debian & Intel 82562ET Ethernet Controller

> On Sun, 13 Oct 2002 10:17 pm, Mark Paine wrote:
> > So, is this chip supported? If so which driver works with it (yeah I
> > know I could download the Intel driver, but I'm being a bit lazy at the
> > moment and I thought that the standard linux driver would have supported
> > it?  Or is it a case, that the chip is so new (which I don't think it
> > is), that a more recent kernel than 2.4.18 is required?
> >
> I can't talk from experience, but there was some discussion recently on
> e-smith development list about the pro's and con's of the e100 vs the
> eepro100 modules.  IIRC there was some mention of some chips that worked
> the e100 but not the eepro100.
> Sorry this is a bit vague.  See
> for the actual
> posts.
> Rasjid.

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