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Tue Dec 2 02:44:59 GMT 2003

years the monitor socket is just direct wire(s) in parallel from the
240v supply socket below. So I don't think that should effect the
overall output of a power supply.

However its been awhile since i've poked my screw driver around in


On 19/09/2002 at 12:03 AM Mark Paine wrote:

>Been thinking about plugging my monitor into the outbound socket of
>supply on my PC so that the PC switches the monitor on and off.
This is
>to try 
>and reduce the number of power plugs that I am using. (Has anyone
>that those three pronged plugs actually breed behind our computer
>computers with peripherals means I have three power boards, some
>adapters and a rats nest of power packs and power cords).
>However, a thought came into my head is does the power for the
>on the power supply detract from the power rating of the PS?  eg a
>supply with a 100W monitor connected only means 150W is left for the
>suspect not as the power supply is just routing mains power to the
>socket and performing an on/off function and that the full power
rating is 
>available for devices in the PC itself via the power leads inside
>case.  Is 
>this the case?
>Mark P.
>.sig - TBA

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