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Tue Dec 2 02:44:59 GMT 2003

It also has PS/2 keyboard and mouse leads.
Internally it is jumpered to the reset and power headers.

A remote SSH based console configures the board with it's own IP number
 and access keys/ logon details.

Once set up you can talk to the card even if the main OS is down.
You can power-cycle, re-configure the BIOS,
 watch and make changes in the boot process.

Yes it's a significant, specialized piece of hardware,
 but in a server room it would replace
 all the forrest-of-wires keyboard/mouse/video switches
 that people are throwing large amounts of money at.
One standard cat5 lead, an old 10BaseT hub (out-of-band) and a console PC.

And of course the console PC can be as remote as you like.

There has to be a big enough market to be worth developing them.

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