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Tue Dec 2 02:44:59 GMT 2003

seems that failing a couple of tests, isn't really that critical, and you can
just basically force the installation using the CPAN shell, or try and install
the module from the source. I tried installing the module by hand first, 
same failures as when I installed from the CPAN shell. I was particularly 
annoyed when trying to install DBD:Mysql, passing the options testuser and 
password, and those values being completely ignored and the make test again
trying to connect to the database with root, password no. Anyway...

What have other peoples experiences been with installing these modules? Is it
safe to just ignore these failed tests? 
Other people have suggested that it is okay, just aslong as you don't use the
feature of module that failed in the make test.
Doing a google produced a few sites, with little information. The one which 
made me feel confident about just forcing the install was

Warning, I've got a little bit of knowledge about perl/CPAN, probably littler 
then most on the list, so all hints are welcome.



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