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Tue Dec 2 02:44:59 GMT 2003

linux box itself I can log-on locally Ok...

I can ping from the linux box back to my laptop as well...

inetd is running as is telnetd and ifconfig tells me that eth0 is UP and

Here's the problem... when I try to telnet to the linux box from my laptop,
I get a very extended (like, several minutes) delay before it replies with a
login prompt!

When I start my telnet client is connects straight away, I'm pretty sure the
linux box knows that there is someone at the door, 'cause it's ancient old
hard-disk rattles nicely for a second or two as soon as I try to connect...

When I finally get the login prompt, performance is as good as I would
expect from a crap old 486...

Can anyone please suggest where I should start looking??? The delay 'feels'
like something is timing out somwhere, but I have no idea where to start

Cheers. Jerry.

Jerry Cashman
p: 02 6234-8010
f: 02 6239-5454
m: 0402-229-325
e: jcashman at
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