[clug] CLUG parking fine

Andrew Over andrew at cs.anu.edu.au
Fri Aug 29 12:35:37 EST 2003

On Fri, Aug 29, 2003 at 10:06:21AM +1000, Darren Freeman wrote:

> I think it's pretty low to target a deserted carpark at 9pm. Surely the
> people who are actually causing problems are the ones parking there
> during the day, but it's much easier to target a deserted park as you
> know most of the people there think they're OK even though they are in
> the wrong place.

Just FYI, I've attached an email that was sent to all at cs a while back.
Seems CSIRO are getting unhappy or something.


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Dear All,

For your information, please find below a forwarded email from the 
*Sport and Recreation Association* which refers to the parking 
restrictions that exist around FEIT & CMIS. 

Please take note of the restrictions!


-----Original Message-----
*From:* Paul Gilbert [mailto:paul.gilbert at anu.edu.au]
*Sent:* Friday, 22 August 2003 17:02
*Subject:* Parking on ANU Campus ... FINES BEING ISSUED

Dear Club Contacts,

I have been asked to bring to your attention the fact that parking 
restrictions are now being rigidly enforced at the ANU campus by the 
Facilities and Services Parking Office.

It is my understanding that, for a number of years now, parking 
restrictions on campus have been loosely enforced, lulling many of the 
SRA patrons into a false state of indifference as to where they park.  A 
number of the faculties / facilities on campus, being 24 / 7 
laboratories, have complained recently about "AUTHORISED" parking spaces 
being filled by unauthorised vehicles, mostly after hours.  This 
annoyance has particularly been aired by the CSIRO facility on North 
Road, which is located adjacent to the SRA Building.

In response to this, Parking Inspectors have been advised to patrol the 
restricted / no parking areas around the SRA outside normal office hours 
and be ruthless with their issuing of fines for parking violations.  The 
SRA has been advised that they are NO LONGER TO warn or alert patrons on 
the PA that parking inspectors are in the area.  We also need to 
actively do something to stop SRA patrons from parking illegally, hence 
this communication.


    * Any sign that reads "Authorised vehicles only" means "the only
      cars authorised to park in this area on a _24 / 7_ basis are cars
      that display the respective parking pass for that area ... any
      other vehicle parked in this area, AT ANY TIME, and not displaying
      the correct parking pass for that area will be fined".  This
      applies to the SRA carpark outside the SRA Admin office and the
      CSIRO carpark directly adjacent to the SRA Building, the entrances
      of which are both half way along North Road.
    * The dirt car parks off Daley Road are restricted till 5.30pm,
      after which they are unrestricted
    * The pay parking off North Road near Union Court (50 metres past
      the SRA), is restricted till 5.30pm, after which it is unrestricted
    * The new carpark near the new sportshall is time-restricted
      parking, with 2 "Authorised vehicles only" spaces immediately
      beside the motorcycle parking spots.  Time-bound restrictions on
      the time-restricted spaces apply till 5.00pm.  The 2 "Authorised
      vehicles only" spaces are 24/7
    * The car park at North Oval is restricted till 5.30pm, after which
      it is unrestricted.

Please advise all of your members of this information accordingly. 

Kind regards,


*Paul Gilbert
Executive Officer
Australian National University
Sport and Recreation Association
Building 19 North Road ACTON  ACT  0200
Phone: (02) 6125-8380   Fax: (02) 6247-2572
E-mail: paul.gilbert at anu.edu.au
http:// <http://www.anu.edu.au/sport>www.anu.edu.au/sport 

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