[clug] CLUG parking fine

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Fri Aug 29 10:07:16 EST 2003

Dear list,

I was parked outside CLUG, at the nearest park. The one out the front of
some CSIRO thingie with a *bizarre* metal sculpture.

At roughly 9pm I got a parking fine for being in a reserved zone. The
fine is $60. The park was deserted when I arrived at 7:30pm and it was
even more deserted after CLUG so I expect that we were the only people

I was wondering if any others got hit by this fine, either last night or
any night.

Also the fine gives me the option of going to a Magistrates Court to
argue why the fine shouldn't apply. Any recommendations? What could I

I think it's pretty low to target a deserted carpark at 9pm. Surely the
people who are actually causing problems are the ones parking there
during the day, but it's much easier to target a deserted park as you
know most of the people there think they're OK even though they are in
the wrong place.

So if I'm not the only one who got caught then I think we should get
talking to someone who knows something about the law.


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