[clug] webone settings post changes?

Mark Paine mark at paineless.id.au
Thu Aug 28 15:06:09 EST 2003

> All
> I had a quick glance at the webone web site and can not tell if the
> settigns they mention there are different than what would have been
> there before the changes.
> I need to assist someone who is a webone transact customer with their
> settings (proxis, email, etc) and I wonder if anyone can point me to a
> web page with the correct values for all the set up stuff for webone
> transact customers currently.
> Any suggestions?


I am not a TransACT customer, although I am a WebOne customer (dial-up).

>From what I understand, DNS, POP, SMTP & NNTP servers remain the the same
(The POP and NNTP servers now point to a box in Perth rather than Mitchell
and I suspect SMTP does as well).  You could also use
freenews.iinet.net.au as the news server instead of news.webone.com.au as
they point to the same system. Not sure about NTP - will have to check
that tonight as I do use it.

There is no web proxy any more.

I believe that the username/password combination has also changed.  Now of
the form <user>@iinet.com.au rather than what was used previously.  (This
is one of those changes that was not told to anyone and has caused so much
grief over the last 10 days.)

Just had a look, off the main page (www.webone.com.au) click on "Important
Client Updates".  This page has changed a couple of times over the last
few days and just had a look at it and it has been expanded considerably,
but I have a feeling some info has gone. (I think there was some info on
the username changes but its not there now.)

Of course, you could always call iiNet support and listen to their pipe
music for a couple of hours while on hold.....

Mark P.
..sig - TBA

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