[clug] config dev

Eugene Kerner erkerner at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 27 13:50:39 EST 2003

Hi clug.

I am looking for a canberra  based *nix guru who can package an app for *nix 
the prog in question is written in gtk+, c, & glib c.
It currently runs on windoze os's, but its glib/gtk structure makes it 99% 
xplatform compatible, with only minor alterations to src required for *nix.

Project has been 6 mnths in the making, with about 2 mnths to go before 
This 2 mnths alots for debugging, website creation, minor cosmetics, and  
config & packaging.

The project holds the potential to offer a permanent business arrangement.
Prefer a positive, team player with an eagerness to express their ideas and 

More info and agreements made upon exppression of interest.



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