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Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
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At 10:15 AM +1000 2003/08/27, James McNeill wrote:
>soon ... soon my prettys ... it will be time to strike!
>well, by strike I mean run crying to the ACCC and kindly ask Mr Fells to
>take his proverbial flame thrower to SCO.

Not Mr Fells anymore

>just FYI.
>> Good morning James,
>> Thanks for your email.
>> At present we are still putting the final touches to the Australian
>> version of the SCO Right to Use License for Linux. I anticipate we will
>> be releasing this locally in the next 2 weeks.
>> Conditions and pricing will be in line with the US announcements that
>> have been made to date.

I would think that before SCO asks for licenses for linux they would have to specify in detail what code in the linux kernel they think they own.  Otherwise what right have they to say anything in linux is theirs? 

If they ask for money without specifying their code I would think this is illegal but IANAL so what would I know.

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>> Subject: Linux licence
>> Hi.
>> I administer a few local companies that run low-end linux servers. All
>> the info on purchasing linux licences from SCO has been american
>> specific. I and my clients want to do things legally, and we would like
>> to know more about SCO's plans for aaustralian users. Are we also
>> expecte to purchase licences? Will SCO be persuing people in australia
>> for licences? how much do the licences cost in $AU?
>> any help you can give in clarifying this matter would be greatly
>> appreciated.
>> kindest regards,
>> -James McNeill

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