[clug] Webmail wanted

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Tue Aug 26 08:58:33 EST 2003

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel McNamara <daniel at codefish.net.au> writes:

    Daniel> Squirrelmail works great for me. [...]  Oh and works just
    Daniel> fine over SSL - something I'm doing right now and took all
    Daniel> of 5 minutes to setup.  [...]

Oops, I was a bit unclear.  Talking to SquirrelMail over https is no
problem and is easy to setup.  Getting SquirrelMail to talk imaps is a
different problem entirely - the documentation says it is supported
under PHP 4.3, but no SSL handshake seems to take place.  :-(

Making SquirrelMail talk SSL to the IMAP server isn't necessary, since
the IMAP server is usually local, but we had this situation:

1. uw-imap won't do clear-text passwords over a non-SSL link.

2. SquirrelMail won't do SSL and only wants to send clear-text

Our workaround uses stunnel - uw-imap thinks it is talking SSL, so
accepts the clear-text passwords...

peace & happiness,

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