[clug] Silly modem question

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Mon Aug 25 11:56:21 EST 2003

It sounds like they're not training correctly.  Your chat script may already
contain a factory settings restore (at&f), to eliminate manually set
modulation/speed options.  If it does and still no joy, you might need to
force modulation/error correction/speed settings to get it to behave,
V34/MNP5/24000 isn't a bad start.  The AT commands vary for each brand.

Any chance the line is on a PGS/NiRim/Rim/PABX?  If it was your broadband
line, not likely.  I had a problem with the Xircom PC card in my laptop over
the weekend, dialled into Ozemail (Syd) ok, but speed was lousy.  As
Winblows was fine I'm looking at the driver.


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Subject: [clug] Silly modem question

> So, I'm roughing it and now using a modem. I haven't had to configure one
> of these in a couple of years, so I'm a little rusty...
> I have pppd configured to the point where it dials the ISP, and the ISP
> answers. Then I can hear the modems negotiate. They burble a bit, appear
> to drop back to a previous burbling phase, burble some more, and then I
> get told "NO CARRIER".
> The machine is a Pentium 133, with the serial ports on the mother board.
> The modem is an external 56k.
> Is there anything obvious that I might be missing?
> Thanks,
> Mikal

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