[clug] sec: unclassified - Samba Team, on SCO and sweet irony

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Mon Aug 25 11:42:16 EST 2003

Martin Pool said:
> I'm not sure what on what grounds they could be told to desist.

Slander?  Defamation?  Misrepresentation of a competitors product(s)? (I'm
sure there's a word or two describing that more succinctly, but its not
coming to mind right now)
Today's funny, it was brought to my attention that somebody registered
welovethescoinformationminister.org :)

I think we should put Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Darl McBride, and Steve
Ballmer together - if any one of them can sing half decent it'd be a good
replacement for the Doug Anthony All-Stars ;)

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