[clug] OT: Webone

Chris Fletcher cf at netspeed.com.au
Sun Aug 24 20:39:33 EST 2003

I really don't know why some people continue to support a non-local company
who is completely disinterested in looking after its customers.  More than
that - have complete fscked up what anyone who has ever had to do a systems
migration would consider to be a simple job.

Why not throw some of that support behind another local company - while
there are still some left :)


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> Paul Warren <u3292467 at anu.edu.au> writes:
> > It seems iinet have taken webone's old DNS servers offline, had some fun
> > trying to reach the wider net just now.  But The information I needed
> > (iinet DNS ip = , was availible on the iinet tech support
> > recorded message.  Somewhat encouraging.
> Life's sure been full of surprises lately - I was delighted to discover
> that ftp.webone.com.au wasn't accepting my logins and that my web space
> had been moved to a mystery location. For anyone in a similar situation,
> I managed to guess the address 'members.iinet.net.au' and found it
> there.
> Mark
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> Mark Triggs
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