[clug] Transact Progress(?)

Carl Jackson carl at videohost.com.au
Fri Aug 22 15:01:40 EST 2003

You'd have to be very close to a DSLAM(l ess than 1k effectively) to get
the 2.5Mbit/sec you need for
"VCR Quality" TV via MPEG2.   With MPEG4 it will be easier.

TransACTs best deals are the packages - voice, video and data - thats
what I do and
its good - cheaper overall than the Telstra ULL with ISP due to lower
line rental charges
and cheaper phone calls.   Plus my TV picture is better and I have Video
on Demand
which I like.

 TransACT are just tracking Telstra on data pricing - its not in their
interests to
create a price war.   But you can get 2Mb + speeds on TransACT if you
are prepared to
pay - don't know anyone that has gone the whole 55Mb but there are homes
with 10Mb right now.

Despite the doom and gloomers I'd bet TransACT will pull thru - I heard
they are just about
to announce a major new backer.   I was at Paul Buddes Broadband
conference in Sydney this week and
he was predicting that Broadband revenues would increase by 20-30% per
annum for at least 5 years
Hard to go broke in that environment :-)


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> On Fri, 22 Aug 2003 02:15 pm, Andrew Smith replied:
> > > I think you could do TV over ULL, it's just never been done
> >
> > The reason?  Distance.  Transact's maximum copper deployment radius
> > 300metres from the shelf (pole).
> It's infuriating that although that short distance
>  and good cable are capable of 55 Meg per pair,
>  they only offer*  2 Meg one way.
> It degrades the TransACT network back to what ADSL can offer cheaper.
> michaelj
> * To get 10 Meg full duplex would cost $800? per month,
>  I doubt they get much revenue from this price step.
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