[clug] Webone

Antony Wuth ajw at pobox.com
Fri Aug 22 14:30:45 EST 2003

Dale Shaw (DShaw at exceed.com.au) wrote:

> Since iiNet are probably only interested in providing Internet
> connectivity and won't have any local 'hands and feet', one can only
> assume WebOne sold off any local clients it performed onsite work for to
> DPM. I don't remember reading anything about that if it's true, but then
> again I wasn't one of those clients..
> Still, it wouldn't explain why they'd want you to change your POP3 and
> SMTP settings.

DPM purchased the windows (and some PHP) hosting clients (as apparently
iiNet did not want them) and a 'really nice plan' was created to
smoothly transition to the new network. Seemingly for unknown reasons
iiNet did some things to break the plan including redirecting IP traffic
away from the existing mail servers. Using pop.dpm.. allowed clients
that had moved across to DPM to access the existing servers via a
different IP address. I suspect that unless you have a domain hosted
with DPM talking to the old mail servers will not help you get access to
your mail.

I hope this helps, seemingly the DPM ppl are working amazingly hard to
ensure a smooth transition for the bits of the network they are
responsible for.

OB Disclaimer: I don't work for DPM (but am  client now)...


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