[clug] sec: unclassified - Samba Team, on SCO and sweet irony

Pearl Louis pjl124 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Fri Aug 22 14:15:30 EST 2003

Hmmm...Now that I think about it, that does sound right.  Copyrights is about 
the right to copy a work, to distribute it etc.  But still, what legal status 
do EULAs have?  EULAs put restrictions on how you can use a program.  I 
always thought that was given legal status under copyright law?  

Still I guess I stand corrected ^_^.  So I guess what I should have said, that 
without a contract they do not have the right to copy or distribute the 
intellectual property that belongs to the Samba group.


 >I have a problem with this.  Copyright gives the copyright owner control 
>over how a work is copied - the act of copying only.  The contract is 
>usually between the copyright holder and the copier, not the user.  
>Copyrights do not control the copies, only the copying.  Controlling the 
>copies themselves is a license or contract issue.  Probably between the 
>copier and the user.  Certainly with printed media like books - the author 
>cannot demand people give back books they have bought (Can they? IANAL).  If 
>a book has been copied illegally and sold can the copyright owners demand 
>the copies back from users or is their argument with the copiers only? 

Kim Holburn 

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