[clug] Webone

Dale Shaw DShaw at exceed.com.au
Fri Aug 22 13:10:55 EST 2003

Since iiNet are probably only interested in providing Internet
connectivity and won't have any local 'hands and feet', one can only
assume WebOne sold off any local clients it performed onsite work for to
DPM. I don't remember reading anything about that if it's true, but then
again I wasn't one of those clients..

Still, it wouldn't explain why they'd want you to change your POP3 and
SMTP settings.

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this looks like a hoax or a scam against iinet and harvest password but
when i emailed info at webone.com.au they said it is OK and so did the 

but i wonder now who it was, did they know???

i cant find an email address for iinet - why is iinet webpage says
about webone and webmail on iinet does not function? i am getting

www.dpm.com.au goes here -->


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