[clug] OT: Webone

Conrad Canterford conrad at mail.watersprite.com.au
Thu Aug 21 11:19:37 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 07:47, Brett Worth wrote:
> Our company ADSL stopped authenticating with their end.  I "guessed" they
> must have switched the domain from webone.com.au to iinet.net.au.  That's
> the only reason I'm connected now.

Thanks for the heads-up on that one Brett. I'll watch for that when our
link next restarts. I'd have hoped that they would make some attempt to
inform people of what was about to happen in advance. Business customers
at the least have some expectation of reliable service, and this is NOT

I haven't tried contacting their helpline, as I was already heading
strongly in the direction of changing providers. Yesterdays fun and
excitement just pushed me to the point of making a definite decision to
do so rather than wait it out and see if they got better.

For what its worth, yesterday we were seeing a significant percentage
(about 75%) of our DNS queries just getting lost. Once the DNS resolved
there didn't seem to be an appreciable delay. I'm also guessing that
email to us wasn't making it through, given that there have been a few
posts to this list dated yesterday that only showed up in my inbox this

So, anyone got any recommendations either for or against any ADSL ISP's.
Particular preference to ones that understand that not everyone uses M$
product. Since this is even more OT then the rest of the Webone
discussion, this probably should go to personal emails.


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