[clug] Greetings from linux-2.6.0-test3

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Thu Aug 21 08:45:35 EST 2003

Darren Freeman said:
> Earthlings,
> I am sending you this message from linux-2.6.0-test3 (i.e. your
> future).

Hmm... actually that was my past.  Kernel oopsed on boot, somewhere in
(from memory) mm/vmscan.c.  I didn't have time to check it out.
-test2 still runs okay for me, though I'm wary of the IRQ20 crash thing I
get.  If anyone has a system similar to the beowulf cluster (well, okay,
one node .. bloody pedants ;) at the ANU (dual-proc Epox mobo with PIIX4
chipset, max 600Mhz clock - I forget the exact model number) I'd be
interested in hearing if you've encountered the same thing.  Started
around 2.5.73 and I've had my hopes dashed by many a kernel patch which
talks of fixing what I believed was this problem.

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