[clug] Greetings from linux-2.6.0-test3

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Wed Aug 20 17:51:50 EST 2003


I am sending you this message from linux-2.6.0-test3 (i.e. your future).

I just installed the latest kernel from Mandrake Cooker and this time
they compiled the drivers I need for the network. Since I didn't see
anything broken I've set this as my default kernel.

The procedure is quite simple but I had a broken system for a while due
to the mirrors I was getting RPMs from getting in a weird state the
standard urpmi tools couldn't read from. Old catalogues or so. So I had
packages uninstalled that I couldn't upgrade, but I've since found a
better mirror (half of them were broken though). I still don't really
understand what was going on but it's right now, probably future
attempts won't be affected.

Basically you need to set up via the
MandrakeControlCenter->SoftwareManagement->SoftwareSourcesManager, some
extra sources to mirrors containing Mandrake Cooker (check out the
Mandrake web site for mirrors). Then the urpmi / Mandrake Update etc.
tools will find it.

Next download the latest kernel from the mirror since urpmi doesn't know
about them for whatever reason (*highly experimental* probably ;). Try
to install with RPM. It will probably fail 3 or 4 dependencies.

Now from a root shell (not graphical for safety), type things like urpmi
package-name. This will give you an interactive way of picking the
version you need, and then recursively upgrading stuff. WARNING: you
will end up installing over 200MB of updates to get your system
half-and-half Mandrake 9.1 and Mandrake Cooker. Once this is done,
install the kernel.

I had problems with the graphical installer (rpmdrake), because it
recursively uninstalled things it needed to run. But it was probably a
symptom of a dead mirror preventing these things from being reinstalled.

Nothing will be installed or upgraded until all files are downloaded so
don't panic. It's fun watching a running system being partially shut
down and have its guts automatically replaced ;) All from within X and
without KDE being interrupted ;)

You will retain your old kernels, the paths are different for each
version number.

You really do notice all over the place that the system feels more
silky-smooth. I can't give any numbers, but user interfaces respond
noticeably quicker. Scrolling large contact lists in Evolution is much
smoother, whereas on the latest 2.4 kernel you see what looks like X
struggling to keep up.

Whilst I can't promise that you won't bork your system, I can say that
mine is running and I don't see anything wrong. If the kernel isn't
running too well for you then just pick your old one in LILO and wait
for a better one (which I had to do from test2 to test3).

If you're reading up to this point, maybe this is interesting enough for
somebody to burn a snapshot of Mandrake Cooker and show off the upgrade
process at tomorrow's CLUG. Sorry but I can't make it, however it's
really not that hard once you have a reliable source of new packages (a
CD being a good one =).

Have fun,

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