[clug] Spaces in filenames?

Russell Weatherburn russell at oxyoss.net
Wed Aug 20 10:27:51 EST 2003

 >Just to add another way to do it, in bash there is a variable called IFS
 >which by default is IFS=$' \t\n', which means spaces tabs and newlines.
 >You can change IFS to tabs and newlines in your script:
 >for x in `ls *.wav`
 >  oggenc -q6 "$x"
Very interesting.  I tested this, and noted that you don't actually need
the double quotes around the $x variable.

Could this be made to work with Apache?  Quite often windoze users end
up with spaces in their filenames, and I find it difficult to get them
from web pages (or samba services, sometimes).  Underscores get around
this issue, but sometimes the users want to have the spaces in there...




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