[clug] Time to contact the ACCC

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Tue Aug 19 14:45:04 EST 2003

> Are ACCC looking for general complaints, or are they
> specifically interested in people who have actually been
> threatened by SCO? If it's the latter, deluging them
> with email may actually hinder their investigations.

Look at it from another perspective: many Australians have contributed
code to the Linux kernel, and from what I have read, SCO are attempting to
extract exhorborant license fees for that same code (which they did not
write).  Now... charging money is okay IIRC (though the GPL recommends
"cost of media" - and $1700 US dollars per CPU is hardly recovering media
cost), but if they are also refusing to supply the source code (or
otherwise breaking the T&C of the GPL) - and from what I have read this
appears to be the case - then they are, in my opinion, committing a
serious (and, ironically, hypocritical) crime.
The fact they are attempting to then license the knee-jerk reactors for
their own product, UnixWare, seems very anti-competitive to me.  And
personally I find their (still unfounded, and dare I say false &
misleading) claims offensive - particularly the ones concerning SMP.
Oh, and BTW if they are also relicensing the Linux kernel under anything
other than the GPL, they certainly have not asked my permission, as a
copyright holder of some of the code in it, to do so.  I can't imagine how
peeved off other contributers are who have done so much more than I have. 
This flagrant disregard of copyright law will surely be SCO's undoing.

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