[clug] Time to contact the ACCC

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Tue Aug 19 12:45:41 EST 2003

Are ACCC looking for general complaints, or are they
specifically interested in people who have actually been
threatened by SCO? If it's the latter, deluging them
with email may actually hinder their investigations.

Until you get a letter, SCO's angsting is possibly too
vague and erratic for the ACCC to do anythng about.


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On the ACCC web site (www.accc.gov.au) you can send
off an email complaint. I have submitted two
concerning SCO one last week, and one this week over
McBride's latest outburst. [See below]

I suggest that all CLUGers may want to send in
complaints of thier own.

McBride quotes:

" . . .there are some 2.5 million servers running
Linux and . . . SCO has 'identified by name those
companies running many of them.'

"'We are in the process of contacting them about
coming into compliance and taking a UnixWare license
from us. If they refuse to do so, we will sue them
directly and see them in court,' he said.

"When asked by eWEEK if SCO intended to first sue a
large Linux user like a Wall Street financial firm or
an enterprise-level Linux customer, McBride said that
would probably be the case as smaller companies tend
to settle when faced with litigation. . . .

-- Paul Matthews
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