[clug] OT: Webone

Michael Manning catman at webone.com.au
Tue Aug 19 10:40:43 EST 2003

Brett Worth wrote:

>Is anyone else worried about Webone at the moment?
>I think yesterday was the first day of something significant in their
>assimilation with iinet.
>Their proxy is no longer accepting connections from transact and there's no
>way of contacting them.  No phones are being answered and all you get is a
>message asking for your name and phone number for a return call that
>doesn't happen.
>I fear something is very wrong out there...
I fear the same thing.

My box was off for only 16mins on Monday morning.  Reconnected 
automatically no problems and was fine all day yesterday.  I had to 
power down last night whilst I added another NIC and once I reconnected 
all I could see was the webone.com.au domain/network.  I can resolve 
IP's through their DNS servers but can not get outside their network??

Still could not at 7:10am this morning...............

Hopefully they can fix this soon........

Regards Michael

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