[clug] OT: WebOne ppp

Mark Paine mark at paineless.id.au
Tue Aug 19 09:19:35 EST 2003

This is slightly OT, but is linux related as I am using a linux serving
dialing into WebOne.  There were some changes done over the weekend to
WebOne's infrastructure as part of their now becoming part of iiNet (which
may become part of iHug or the other way round). Over the weekend I was
able to dial in without problems - until last night (Monday).

It now appears that PAP authentication is required (and this is in
addition to the initial chat logon process).  My pppd did not have PAP
authentication enabled, and so the ppp connection was dropped when they
could not negotiate a happy setup.  (Only got this far once I realised
that the initial chat script also required adjusting as well.  More

I did try a PC running Windows and that dialled in without problems (no
changes to its setup), but the linux pppd would not until I enabled PAP
and put a line in the secrets file.  Has other WebOne users had this
problem in the last day or so with their linux ppp setups?

Mark P.
..sig - TBA

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