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Cody Miller websadmin at menslink.org.au
Mon Aug 18 00:51:02 EST 2003

I have a copy of gentoo don't know what one im kind of hopeless with
labels and I was wondering which day does CLUG meet I want to come but I
don't know where when and what time ???? im a sort of a linux kid as im
only 15 and am very interested please email back ASAP thanks

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Today's Topics:

   1. Sendmail, spamassassin and cyrus (Stephen Hodgman)
   2. Getting latest gentoo (Joshua McKinney)


Message: 1
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 14:02:02 +1000
From: "Stephen Hodgman" <steve at namsys.com.au>
Subject: [clug] Sendmail, spamassassin and cyrus
To: linux at samba.org
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I was wondering if anyone could perhaps offer me advice on how to
spamassassin into our email server?

We currently use sendmail as the mta.  This is on a debian woody system.
I have 
installed cyrus as a mailer so we are able to use imap mail boxes.  The
delivery to 
cyrus as the internal mailer is done with a  mailertable entry like:

mail.domain.com.au		cyrus:mail.domain.com.au

This works well.  We would now like to install spamassassin to provide
mail herders to 
be used for filtering.  My problem is that I currently don't use
procmail and 
spamassassin seems to rely on using it.  My current idea is to enable
procmail using:


so sendmail knows about it as a local mailer and setup procmailrc rules
to call 
spamassassin.  I would create a dummy host with MX pointing to myself
mailertable entries like this to get mail finally delivered to cyrus:

mail.domain.com.au		`	procmail:dummy.domain.com.au
dummy.domain.com.au		cyrus:mail.domain.com.au

Can anyone please let me know if this is the correct approach?  Or if
not then what 
the correct one would be?
Thanks for your time,
Stephen Hodgman               steve at namsys.com.au
Namadgi Systems                Ph. +61 2 6285 3460
Canberra                       Fax +61 2 6285 3459


Message: 2
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 03:45:55 -0400
From: Joshua McKinney <clug at bitfed.com>
Subject: [clug] Getting latest gentoo
To: linux at samba.org
Message-ID: <20030817034555.A20506 at bitfed.com>
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Hiya all
I killed my linux partition quite some time ago and haven't had
time to fix it (kde 3.1 and xfree86 should not be upgraded
together while you're experimenting with prelink :()
Does anyone have copies of the latest gentoo release and an up
to date package repository.  If so can I grab a copy sometime
pretty please?  I'll provide blanks needed.

Thanks in advance

Joshua McKinney

"Against stupidity the Gods themselves contend in vain" -- Friedrich von


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