[clug] Sendmail, spamassassin and cyrus

Stephen Hodgman steve at namsys.com.au
Sun Aug 17 23:51:51 EST 2003

Thanks anyway but I have been able to get this going.
Different than I thought but a useful learnig process.

> G'day,
> I was wondering if anyone could perhaps offer me advice on how to integrate 
> spamassassin into our email server?
> We currently use sendmail as the mta.  This is on a debian woody system.  I
> have 
> installed cyrus as a mailer so we are able to use imap mail boxes.  The
> delivery to 
> cyrus as the internal mailer is done with a  mailertable entry like:
> mail.domain.com.au		cyrus:mail.domain.com.au
> This works well.  We would now like to install spamassassin to provide mail
> herders to 
> be used for filtering.  My problem is that I currently don't use procmail
> and 
> spamassassin seems to rely on using it.  My current idea is to enable
> procmail using:
> MAILER(procmail)dnl
> so sendmail knows about it as a local mailer and setup procmailrc rules to
> call 
> spamassassin.  I would create a dummy host with MX pointing to myself  use 
> mailertable entries like this to get mail finally delivered to cyrus:
> mail.domain.com.au		`	procmail:dummy.domain.com.au
> dummy.domain.com.au		cyrus:mail.domain.com.au
> Can anyone please let me know if this is the correct approach?  Or if not
> then what 
> the correct one would be?
> Thanks for your time,
Stephen Hodgman               steve at namsys.com.au
Namadgi Systems                Ph. +61 2 6285 3460
Canberra                       Fax +61 2 6285 3459

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