[clug] How is CIFS pronounced?

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Thu Aug 14 16:12:51 EST 2003

At 3:17 PM +1000 03/8/14, Owen Cameron wrote:
>On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 02:34:10PM +1000, Steven Hanley did utter:
>> On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 01:44:03PM +1000, Brett Worth wrote:
>> > I know this sounds lame but...
>> >
>> > Is it Siffs or Kiffs?
>> Well Tridge tends to pronounce it with a soft S sound, so Siffs.
>The 'how to pronounce acronyms' method I was taught in primary school
>english (or somewhere similar) was that you pronounced the letters as
>they were pronounced in the original word.
>So by that rule, CIFS should be pronounced as 'KIFFS'
>But every rule about the english language has an exception, and officially
>the 'Graphical Interchange Format' 'gif' is pronounced 'jiff', so maybe

Huh?  News to me.  I have always pronounced this with a hard "g" and anyone I have ever talked to the same. 


>acronyms on the internet are the exception to this rule...
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