[clug] Latest worm

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Wed Aug 13 15:37:24 EST 2003

James McNeill said:
> MS has released an update, in remarkable time:

Just like the FBI discovered the van with maps and other evidence on Sep.
11/12th in similarly remarkable time...
FYI, the manual recovery instructions on Symantec's website a) work and b)
take far less time than automated login scripts.
Windows 2000: $700
Some script kiddie's trojan: free
The look on the users face when right-click is disabled across the board,
and their system is literally "gone in 60 seconds" .... priceless
I wonder how much this one forced up the TCO of a Microsoft network?
(which of course M$ will never admit to in their debates about TCO and so

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