[rant] Re: MS IE for "other operating systems" (was Re: [clug] Your Best arguments please)

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Aug 13 00:40:44 EST 2003

On Monday, August 11, 2003, at 09:24 , Grant Baldwin wrote:

> There have been versions of IE for a number of other operating systems,
> bereft of microsoft tax.

Wash your mouth out with soap and water!

How dare you!

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac OS *does* carry a Microsoft Tax - 
it's all those "non voting shares" that Microsoft acquired in Apple 
those years ago when Steve Jobs betrayed the gathered faithful. And in 
case you've been living on the Moon for the last year or two, Microsoft 
has announced that it will not be releasing future versions of IE for 
Mac OS X, since they feel that they cannot compete with Safari.

Imagine, having to withdraw from a browser contest because the OS 
manufacturer is releasing their own browser for that plaform? Rather 
amusing to see the shoe on the other foot.

Did Microsoft IE for Solaris actually ever work? Isn't interesting how 
they only released one or two versions, then decided to discontinue that 
product at about the same time that Sun insisted that Microsoft stick to 
the terms of the Java licence?

But I didn't come here to bash Microsoft, only to bury them.
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