[clug] sec: unclassified - Debian 3 halts (was: RH7.2 halts)

John Griffiths john at capmon.com
Tue Aug 12 11:00:01 EST 2003

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on the debian route - why not use boot floppies and instasll over the

Ellis, LCDR Peter wrote:
> Dear all,
> On the P133 with 96MB and a 'pristine' 2.4G /hda and 12xCD-ROM (IDE) and
> soundcard previously described last week....
> After almost a week and then a weekend of effort, my score is:
> + [will install]
> RH7.1 (APC magazine ?? cover CDs)
> StarOffice 5.0 (from RH7.2 bought kit)
> [but, I having got this running and thereby proved that Linux would GO on
> this machine, I decided to try the Debian 3 CDs again, which blew it
> - [will not install]
> RH7.2 (bought kit)
> Debian 3.01 (APC Magazine July cover CDs)
> e-smith (CD cut by member of this list)
> Symptoms:
> (a)	says that some file is not there, but it is visible to me when I
> look at the CD in a browser/explorer;
> (b)	says that a file is corrupt (not always the same one, but some more
> often than others)
> I have been unable to get a shell out to a log file. :-(
> What I figure is that there is an issue with the CD-ROM drive itself.
> I intend to swap it out for a (very) slow-and-steady drive.
> (This came from a Canberra IT system / Netware tech who is also a Linux
> user.)
> I will have access to an older Debian (potato?) and the current one
> (Woody/Sid?) from a local IT consultant later in the week.
> More suggestions on the approach I might take, please?
> With thanks, and in anticipation of an installfest... :-)
> Peter

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