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Linux BBQ:

> At a Unix BBQ:

> MacOS X users would be served shrink-wrapped airline meals
> exquisitely presented on translucent platters.

> Debian users would be provided a set menu of nutritious
> pre-packed meals produced by ethical organic farmers. The
> meals are delivered via parachute air-drop.

> Gentoo users would bring a cow, two sticks and a sharp flint.

> SCO users would be served cold rancid spam from 1983 by a surly French
> waiter who tells them it is the most exclusive cuisine available.

> SCO executives would bring a rusty can of spam from 1983 and then
> demand an equal portion of everybody's filet mignon.

> Solaris users would bring a Java powered cattle eviscerating machine
> that is capable of churning out hamburger mince at 257 kg/sec.

CLUG people would work out how to build their own cows that look like 
spam but taste like filet mignon and hack the java powered cattle 
eviscerating machine to also make boots out the hide and to coffee on the 
side out of the left over beans.

> Antti

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> Shame this didn't get on /. sooner:

> http://www.linuxpicnic.org/

> Tomorrow. Any way we could have a sympathy barbeque? Would Oracle pay?
> ;)

> Darren

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