[clug] Your Best arguments please

Burn Alting burn at goldweb.com.au
Fri Aug 8 10:47:46 EST 2003

Perhaps we are going about this the wrong way.

I was discussing this problem with my wife this morning (ex IT project
manager). She said, the biggest problem confronting OSS is education -
there is a distinct lack of knowledge about OSS in big government
departments and the community as a whole.

Perhaps, as well as legislation that demands adherence to open
standards, the various education departments are lobbied to get our
Primary and Secondary students aware/taught about OSS as part of their
IT curriculum.

We also need to hit the 'general public' - perhaps the discussion on
this list the other week about attending the PC Markets is more
important than we think.

Anyway, another set of 2 cents.

Burn Alting

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