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Basil Chupin blchupin at tpg.com.au
Wed Aug 6 21:43:15 EST 2003

Matthew Hawkins wrote:

>Ellis, LCDR Peter said:
>>PROBLEM: I decided to do the 'text' installation. RH stops at the point
>>of opening Xfree-blahblahblah...... I can't get past this sticking
>>point, and there appears to not be a way to side-step this file (and
>>come back later) and continue the installation. The same thing happens
>>when I tried the graphic 'X' installation.
>You might be using one of the notorious RedHat CD's that just got burnt
>"wrong".One other thing to check though is that at that stage of the installation
>process, you haven't simply done something silly like run out of file
>space.  No sense changing media or distribution yet if the problem isn't
>(that being said, upgrading to Debian isn't such a bad idea ;)

Unless RH7.2 also had the same problem, the problem you are referring to 
was in RH7.3.

Just in case what is wrong with Peter's RH7.2 is similar to 7.3 then 
what I received on how to solve the install problem for 7.3 is given below:


Dear Basil,

We have written out a set of installation instructions that will allow you
to do a minimal, custom install with Red Hat 7.3. This lets you install the
OS and reach your RedHat desktop, then you can go back and install the other
components you require or desire from Red Hat.
This workaround is for people who are installing the OS fully, not upgrading
from 7.2. If you are upgrading, please let me know, and we will try to work
out another solution.
Thankyou for your patience with this matter, and for your time, and we would
like to extend our apologies for any inconvenience caused from this install
problem. I have attached the document, or below you will find it pasted out
as text in this email.

Warm regards,

 <<Operating in Linux final2.DOC>> 

------------- TEXT FORMAT -------------

Dear Operating in Linux user,

Thank you for contacting us for support. Through user feedback it has come
to our attention that Disc 3 of the CD installation set contains an error
that causes the Red Hat installation to terminate prematurely. Next
apologises for any inconvenience caused by this error.

The problem lies with a corrupt file on Disc 3 named zsh-4.0.4-5.src.rpm.
zsh is a simple shell similar to ksh, but with some improvements. It is not
included as part of the default Workstation installation but should you wish
to install this file, you can download it from the following URL, as well as
several other mirrors:

We stress again that Disc 3 is fully operable and that a default
installation of RedHat installs only two files from this Disc. Disc 3
basically contains extra option utilities and services which are
non-essential. You can, of course, manually install any file from Disc 3 at
a later date using GnomeRPM [found in Applications/System] from your Gnome

If you have tried to install Linux using the 3 CDs, and are at the stage
where Disc 3 is being rejected as not the correct CD, please press
Ctrl/Alt/Backspace simultaneously and eject Disc 3. Then follow the set of
steps given below.

This is a modified set of steps that will successfully install RedHat from
your CD set.

1. Insert Disc 1 and reboot your system.
2. Hit Enter to boot Anaconda, the graphical installation program.
3. Click through the next few screens (keeping to the default options unless
strictly necessary) until you get to the Automatic Partitioning Options
4. If you have already performed a failed installation then you will need to
select the "Remove all Linux Partitions" option. Click Next.
5. Choose your Boot Loader. I prefer GRUB but the choice is yours. Click
6. Set a GRUB password if you so desire. Next.
7. Set your Network and Firewall preferences on the next two screens. Next.
8. On the Language Selection screen choose English (Australian) in addition
to the default English (USA) and set it as the default language. You'll
thank me for this later. Next.
9. Choose your Time Zone. Next.
10. Enter a root password and DON'T forget it. Next.
11(a). The Selecting Package Groups screen. This is where we make a slight
modification to your installation. Select Custom. You may now Add the
following package groups if you wish. I would recommend selecting all of
- Graphics
- Router/Firewall
- Network Managed Workstation
- Utilities
- Windows Compatibility/Interoperability
- Games and Entertainment
11(b). Check the Select Individual Packages checkbox at the bottom of the
screen (this is essential) and click Next.
12. From the Select Individual Packages screen click Applications/Emulators
from the Tree View folder list and de-select "wine" if there is a check in
the box. [This is a Disc 3 file.] Depending on your system, you may also
need to deselect the following: W3C and Xfree. You can safely disable any
files whose names start with the above root. You may require the XFree files
to properly configure your monitor later but this can be done easily using
GnomeRPM after the RedHat installation. Click Next.
13. Click Next on the Video Configuration screen.
14. Click Next on the About To Install screen.
15. Installing...[this may take an hour or so, at which point you will need
to insert CD2 to finish off]...Congratulations!

Follow the prompts and reboot your system. Type "root" at the prompt and
then your root password. And revel in the beauty of your new Gnome desktop.

Thank you for purchasing Operating in Linux 3rd edition, and once again, we
are sorry for any trouble this problem may have caused you, but trust that
this guide has now solved the problem. We assure you that we will do
everything in our power to ensure this does not recur, and hope that you
will continue to enjoy our handbooks.

Next Publishing Team


Warm regards,

Jennifer Leigh
Multimedia Editor - internet.au // Next Handbooks

78 Renwick st., 
NSW, 2016

PH: (61)(2) 9699 0713
FX: (61)(2) 9699 8826
EM: jenniferleigh at next.com.au


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