[clug] sec: unclassified - RH7.2 halts

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Aug 6 14:12:11 EST 2003

On  6 Aug 2003, Matthew Hawkins <matt at mh.dropbear.id.au> wrote:
> Ellis, LCDR Peter said:
> > PROBLEM: I decided to do the 'text' installation. RH stops at the point
> > of opening Xfree-blahblahblah...... I can't get past this sticking
> > point, and there appears to not be a way to side-step this file (and
> > come back later) and continue the installation. The same thing happens
> > when I tried the graphic 'X' installation.
> You might be using one of the notorious RedHat CD's that just got burnt
> "wrong".One other thing to check though is that at that stage of the installation
> process, you haven't simply done something silly like run out of file
> space.  No sense changing media or distribution yet if the problem isn't
> related.
> (that being said, upgrading to Debian isn't such a bad idea ;)

Try running 'memtest' from the LNX-BBC to see if the machine is really
working.  It might be crashing when it tries to allocate memory for X.


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