[clug] kernel options

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Wed Aug 6 12:38:09 EST 2003

Andrew said:
> Hi Matt,
>             Would this be creating the error "Too Many open files"? (I
> have had this problem before, and it is almost impossible to create a
> new bash session....) -

You've hit your head on the nail!

On a related subject, another interesting situation I ran into was an
incorrect route causing shm to fail big time after starving the system of
file descriptors & stuff.  In this particular case the telltale cry of
"too many open files" and "shmat failed" sent me chasing after the /proc
limits, and also pouring through the sourcecode of one particular
application (the main shm user).  It was only apparent a few days later
after the system died yet again with the limits maxed out that there was
something else causing the problem (and I ran across the routing thing by

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