[clug] kernel options

Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at pcug.org.au
Wed Aug 6 11:48:30 EST 2003


Sorry if I'm off the mark, but isn't this just a case of the shell buffer
being exceeded by the Dan01/* ??

Here's a few recipes, if that's the case.

Long version [others may well do better]

mkdir newplace
cp -pr Dan01/ newplace
mv newplace tmp.d
mv tmp.d/Dan01 Dan02
rmdir tmp.d

mkdir Dan02
(cd Dan01;tar cf - .)|(cd Dan02;tar xvf -)

mkdir Dan02
find Dan01 -depth -type d -print|xargs mkdir -p
find Dan01 -type f|xargs -i cp -p '{}' Dan02/

<create a bash/sh script 'dancp' == '/bin/cp "$@" Dan02/'>
find Dan01 -depth -type d -print|xargs mkdir -p
find Dan01 -type f|xargs dancp

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On 6 Aug 2003, Daniel wrote:
> /Inbox/subfolders# cp -av Dan01/* Dan02/
> -su: /bin/cp: Argument list too long
> Thanks,
> Daniel.

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