[clug] sec: unclassified - RH7.2 halts

Ellis, LCDR Peter Peter.Ellis at defence.gov.au
Wed Aug 6 10:17:54 EST 2003

It's never been a problem before..... 

I pulled a P166 out of the bottom sock drawer - it has a 2.4GB drive - and
fiddled with the memory sticks and finally came up with 96MB; so then pulled
out a RH7.2 pack. 

PROBLEM: I decided to do the 'text' installation. RH stops at the point of
opening Xfree-blahblahblah...... I can't get past this sticking point, and
there appears to not be a way to side-step this file (and come back later)
and continue the installation. The same thing happens when I tried the
graphic 'X' installation.

ANSWERS that I am considering:
A1: Polish the CD before I try again!
A2: Get disks for the latest version of RH.
A3: Use the Debian 3.0 distro off the APC magazine (July).

Any other suggestions?

With thanks,

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