SOLUTION: [clug] Network Simulator Software

Aaron Smith Aaron.Smith at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 29 15:09:19 EST 2003

NIST Net was exactly what I was after. Pros: Simple to configure and 
use. Cons: Far too little doc and only runs on linux (also running on 
solaris would have been nice).

Network Simulator 2 can simulate almost any network, and could have done 
the job, but is complex and interacting to the real world (network 
interfaces) seems to be an experimental "extra feature".

Brad Hards wrote:
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> On Wed, 16 Apr 2003 10:53 am, Aaron Smith wrote:
>>Can anyone recommend some good network simulator software?
>>The need features:
>>- ability to configure network latency
>>- ability to configure network bandwidth
>>- easy to configure and reconfigure (technical people other than me will
>>me to use is in the future).
> I haven't actually used it, but I was reading over an article from Keith 
> Packard and Jim Gettys, which referred to a system called NISTnet. Try: 
> Brad
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